Discover PHISHY

A Unique Phishing Defence Solution

Protecting UK businesses against the threat of phishing

PHISHY is the phishing defence segment from VREE, focused on a new method of educating in a highly effective way, focused on protecting small to medium businesses in the UK from the latest threatening phishing attacks. Our aim is to champion your employees to be at the forefront of its cyber security, as this is the best solution against modern-day threats.

Using an effective combination of awareness training and subtle culture change, we transform a vulnerable workforce into a formidable anti-phishing taskforce, ready to step-up as the last and best line of defence.

The perfect blend

We’ve partnered up with Cofense and SentinelOne to create the perfect blend of rapid phishing report analysis, added with a highly effective Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

Did you know 97% of users are unable to recognize a sophisticated phishing email?

97 %

How does it work?